Kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico

Whenever anyone asks us what one of our most favorite activities to do at the beach is – the first thing that comes to mind is kayaking in the gulf. That’s why we have two 2-seat kayaks and plenty of life jackets in all sizes for our guests to enjoy this activity at no extra cost. The photo above shows our guests with some of the watercraft having a great time! In the morning, the water is usually calm and is perfect for a morning cruise when you have a good chance of seeing dolphins swim alongside! When the gulf waters are clear, you can see all the way down to the ocean floor even past the sandbar. Bring your waterproof camera or GoPro and get some great shots above and below the water’s surface. Our son likes to take fishing gear and fish from the kayak as well. Getting out on the water brings about a sense of peace and offers a different perspective of the area. We really want our guests to enjoy this experience!