Lots of Extras Included!

We really want our guests to enjoy all the things we love to do while we are at the beach. We don’t want you to have to pay extra to rent one or two kayaks or paddle boards. We want you to be able to enjoy these activities every day together as a group! So, we have two kayaks that seat 2 people each. These are great for morning dolphin cruises in the gulf or exploring Deer Lake. We also have two Yolo Yak stand up paddle boards. These are easy beginner boards that provide great stability for those new to paddle boarding. With these four water craft, you can enjoy the gulf waters as a group instead of taking turns with rentals. All our EXTRAs are probably what we get the most positive feedback about from our guests.



Here is a great pic sent in from our past guests who thoroughly enjoyed all the water craft!

Below is a photo of our son paddle boarding at sunset.