Walton Dunes NBA Timeline-old

Feb 2012 – BLM Form
Sept 2012 – Request

  • BCC meeting – Agenda Item: Approve the Land Acquisition Patent applications of Dune Allen, One Seagrove, Phillips Inlet and Walton Dunes. Tab D Item #2 – Dawn Moliterno
  • Agenda
  • Quote from meeting: As of this request, the property is undeveloped. However, the facility does allow for roadside parking and walk-on sandy paths at the eastern and western end of the property. In 2012, a feasibility study of the site will be conducted to determine possible development alternatives. This assessment will also include an environmental and cultural analysis. All proposed development will incorporate the findings from the cultural and environmental analysis. At a maximum, the proposal may include parking, a restroom, and ADA accessible ramps. At a minimum, we anticipate constructing parking and one ADA accessible ramp. All development will be coordinated with the appropriate resource agencies. We anticipate beginning construction in late 2012 or early 2013 but will be dependent on findings from the feasibility study, public workshops, funding availability, and coordination with resource agencies.


  • BCC Meeting – Agenda Item: Approve expenditures for proposals for planning, engineering, surveying, design, permitting and contract administration for the additional parking lot projects: Walton Dunes – $45,600.00, Santa Clara Phase II – $71,300.00, Montego Avenue – #36,200.00
  • History – these parking areas were identified and recommended to the BCC by the TDC advisory council on Sept. 11th. Note: Looking at the minutes from this meeting, I can only find discussions regarding Ed Walline, Montigo Avenue, Montigo-Santa Clara-Pelayo Avenue, and Fort Panic. I do not see Walton Dunes included in the discussion.
  • Agenda Item Request Submission
  • Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes
  • DEP Project List

ROUND 1 – Fall 2012

       Excerpt from Meeting Minutes:       Commissioner Meadows discussed the beach parking areas previously proposed by the TDC and suggested delaying the process to perform a needs assessment first. There are large parking areas that are not being used. She expressed her concern with intruding into residential neighborhoods to accommodate more beach parking. Ms. Hinote explained that public workshops have not been held with the BCC yet. Ms. Moliterno explained that a needs assessment has not been conducted and the AG opinion provides a different outlook on the funding aspect. She explained that construction cannot begin until the Board directs the TDC to move forward with the beach parking projects.July 2013 – Walton Count Agrees to terms of BLM for Acquisition – click here for doc

ROUND 2 – Summer 2014In April of 2014, a workshop was held to discuss public beach access parking expansion and our community was not notified of this workshop. 4/23/2014 TDC Meeting Agenda4/23/2014 TDC Meeting VideoVideo Time: 13:50 – “Safety is the number 1 item AVCON looked at” – this was proven to be false as no field study was in scopeNot in Scope:• Design or Construction• Traffic/Transportation Studies• Evaluation of Private/Offstreet Parking Requirements– per Walton County LDC 5.02.01• Environmental Studies
Video Time: 49:30 – Lakewood Beach Access

  • 7/23/13 – Meeting Minutes – “Mr. Dave Sell, TDC, briefly discussed the four tracts of land being leased from the Bureau of Land Management; the tracts are all beach accesses. He requested acceptance and approval of the Bureau of Land Management-Approval of Land Patents for Recreation and Public Purposes. This will not change the current management plan for those beach accesses, but will change the compliance schedule from once a year to every five years.” 7/23/13 agenda – see TAB E

ROUND 3 – Fall 2014

    10/28/2014 BCC Meeting

Excerpt from 10/28/2014 Meeting Minutes: 

Mr. Jones requested acceptance of AYCON’s Parking Needs Assessment Report as presented and that staff be directed to analyze and assess each of the individual locations and  bring the findings back to the Board within 45 days. The findings are to include what is feasible, practical, if there are any safety issues, and the costs of development. Mr. Jones asked that the Board submit any specific locations they wish to have addressed. Commissioner Comander asked if staff should also be alerted to the areas that should not be considered. Mr. Jones recommended allowing the staff to review the areas and stated that if the Board had any areas of concern then they could submit that information to staff. Ms. Tonia Nation, AVCON, briefly discussed the report and findings. Mr. Jones reported that there will be no action taken on any of the assessment areas without Board consideration and consent. Mr. Charles Booth requested that portions of the AVCON Report be rejected, specifically Beach Front Trail. Commissioner Imfeld stated that Mr. Jim Bagby, TDC Executive Director, has been directed to look at other off-site parking areas. Vice-Chairman Meadows stated that Mr. Cliff Knauer, Preble-Rish, has obtained DEP funding for the Western Lake Bridge. Parking on C.R. 30A and Grayton Beach will be included in that project. She recommended that this area should be considered a top priority in the staffs analysis of the AVCON report. Motion by Commissioner Comander, second by Commissioner Imfeld, to accept AVCON’s Parking Needs Assessment Report and direct staff to analyze and assess the locations for additional parking and bring their findings back to the Board. Ayes 4, Nays O. Meadows Aye, Comander Aye, Imfeld Aye, Pridgen Aye.FOLLOWUP TO FIND OUT ANY NEW STATUS

June 2015 – Critically Eroded Beach List
ROUND 4 – April 2016

6/8/2016 – Video – at 12:50 TDC Brian Kellenberger indicates the Walton Dunes NBA is a Domain for the choctawhatchee beach mouse which is an endangered species and protected under Walton County. Final 20 minutes contain the summaries from all the commissioners.

6/8/2016 Meeting Minutes

12/13/2016 – Walton County Land Use Report – beginning Page 80 – TDC presented BCC information to purchase the lot behind BFT for the Walton Dunes Access

February 20, 2018 – Marina Email to Commissioner Jones regarding safety issue

ROUND 5 – 2019

February 2019 – Marina email to Commissioners

February 2019 – Anderson Response to Marina

4/22/2019 – Marina email to commissioners about the major turnaround issue at the east end of Beachfront Trail

5/9/2019 – Marina Email to Commissioner Anderson


5/9/2019 – Marina Email to Commissioner Nipper

5/9/2019 – Marina Email to Commissioner Glidewell

5/9/2019 – Marina Email to Commissioner Chapman

5/9/2019 – Marina Email to Commissioner Nick

5/14/2019 – Transcription of Motion – Commissioner Glidewell and Commissioner Chapman were very explicit about the need to not promote traffic, but allow for minimal handicap parking and perhaps small restroom facility. 5/14/2019 Meeting Video ; 5/14/19 Meeting Agenda

5/21/2019 – Email from Kristi Yanchis of FWC – she indicates “I was briefly asked about it from Walton Co or TDC staff, but we never met to look at it and discuss. I did give some initial thoughts on it to County
staff via email or phone. I thought they abandoned the idea.”

6/6/19 – Marina Email to commissioners showing overcrowding of WD NBA

7/5/19 – Marina Email to commissioners showing overcrowding of WD NBA

7/9/2019 – Marina Email to Glidewell questioning why previous concepts not aligned with the motion would be presented 7/25 for the workshop

7/9/2019 – Marina Email to Chapman – same as above to Glidewell – here is Chapman response

7/22/19 – Marina Email to Commissioners

Walton Dunes NBA Overview Video – this was sent to all the commissioners.

7/25/2019 – This is the plan that was presented by the TDC on 7/25/2019 in the neighborhood workshop – Proposed Plan. Workshops are intended to review proposed plans and gain feedback from the neighborhood regarding the proposed plan to address the feedback and relay the feedback back to the BCC. Here is an aerial version overlay

8/11/2019 – Email to Paige Plier after she came to the site to meet

8/11/2019 – follow up with Kristi Yanchis

8/31/2019 – Email from Marina to Neighbors with update

October 2019 – email from Marina to WC BCC

February 2020 – Marina Email to Commissioner Glidewell – Glidewell response “Thank you for the information. RBA and NBA are marketing tools, they have no other purpose. So it is fine with me to leave it an NBA. My main priority is restrooms. We have no public restrooms from
inlet beach to Seagrove. My goal is to have a facility every 1/2 mile. These facilities must be as close to the beach as possible, people are not going to walk to find a restroom. My 2nd priority is a turnabout to keep people from piling up into a dead end street. My 3rd is to provide handicap access and parking. If we can address these needs, then I think that is substantial progress.”

2/5/2020 – Email from Marina to Commissioner Nipper. Nipper visited the site and spoke to neighbors on 2/5/2020

February 2020 – Public Works Sidewalk Plans

2/5/2020 – Marina Email to Commissioner Nipper – this email has a long thread with lots of pictures taking at various periods throughout the summer of 2019

2/6/2020 – Marina Email to FFW

2/6/2020 – Marina Email to Page Plier

February/2020 – TDC Walton Dunes Presentation – notice none of these plans align with the original direction in the motion of 5/14/2019

2/7/2020 – Marina Email to Danny Glidewell

3/7/2020 – Marina Email to Barbara Lee of DOT regarding concerns of traffic and proposed changes to neighborhood streets. Here is her latest response

Overview Doc of issues and Talking Points

3/9/2020 – Marina emails to all commissioners

3/10/2020 – meeting agenda

3/11/20 – Email to neighbors – follow up

Past TDC Presentation indicating “parcel to the north of the roadway is privately owned and would require an agreement from the current owners prior to developing on the site” here is the presentation from the link

History of Walton Dunes Parcel